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Idis Sàrl is a Swiss company created in the late 90's by Marc Urweider, son of a Toys'Importer.

Marc began by importing and distributing toys and stuffed animals (such as father such son), to realize a real need for quality soft toys at first level, whether design or raw materials used.

The Toodo brand was born in the early 2000s and was a success very quickly, thanks to its unique designs and the quality of the finishes of each plush.

Wanting to produce and offer only quality, Marc has become associated with Korean manufacturers, renowned for their soft-cloth manufacturing skills and offering above-average social skills in Asia. Our Korean factories are now installed in China and Indonesia, while guaranteeing our 2 basic criteria:

- Quality for the safety of your children
- Good working conditions for our employees

Marc continues to offer unique designs every year by working with his designer, Laetitia Renaud, who has given the brand's recognizable style over the years.

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